Planning to build a home or establish a building office, you should know which pipes you are going to use. There are several types of steel pipes that will definitely confuse you, to help you narrow down your problem, here are the classifications of steel pipes.

Galvanized Pipes

People from 1960s used galvanize steel pipe for their home plumbing since it can last up to 40 years. Galvanized steel pipe is recognized by its feature, as being coated with metal and zinc. This is not suitable for carrying gas, the zinc it features will definitely clog the lines and it can cause the gas to flake.

It is mostly used to door and window hoods and finials, cresting in roof ornaments.

Black Iron Steel Pipe

Black Iron Pipe is described as “uncoated” it is widely used to transport gas such as natural and propane ideal for both commercial and residential use, compared to Galvanize pipe which is coated with zinc.

However, Black iron pipe is not recommended to use for water simply because water can destroy this type of pipe.

Black Pipes

When black iron pipes and galvanize pipes are both not suitable for carrying gas, black pipes has been used since 1960. It can also be used in fire sprinkler; a black pipe has the strong resistance when it comes to cooling water and heat.

If you are seeking for a steel supplier in the Philippines, we in Powersteel can provide you specific steel pipes:

  1. Galvanize Pipes Sch. 40 STD
  2. Black Pipes Sch. 40 STD
  3. Galvanize Sch. 40 LS 2
  4. Black Pipes Sch. 40 LS 2 COMM
  5. Galvanize Pipes Sch. 20
  6. Black Iron Pipes Sch. 20

However, if you’re still in need of steel purlins, steel plates and steel bars, you may check our product page for more details. We have everything you need.


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